Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Supreme Reviewer?

Supreme Reviewer is an online comprehensive Philippine bar review course which includes:

  • HD lecture videos organized according to the Supreme Court Syllabus
  • Supreme Reviewer (SR) Notes
  • Pre-Week Notes
  • Last Minute Tips

Why should you review with Supreme Reviewer?
  • Transform Your Career - Whether it's your first or fifth time taking the bar, Supreme Reviewer will help you achieve your goals.
  • Learn Efficiently - Learn at your own pace by speeding-up, slowing-down, rewinding, fast-forwarding, and reviewing any of the HD video lecturesNo more hours-long commutes to review centers with poor lighting and a distracting study environment.
  • Covid-19 Compliant - With the challenges brought about by the pandemic, distance learning is the safest option. Whether you are staying at home, in quarantine, and/or complying with lockdown orders, your bar review is not affected.
  • Global Access - Join the course and you'll have 24/7 access to study anywhere, anytime. You can even download the course and watch offline (iOS only).
  • Outcomes First - Our course has accurate, up-to-date, and complete information without any extra ad-libs to ensure stellar results. Concise and efficient to save you previous time.

Why online lectures?

Supreme Reviewer aims to streamline your review process as much as possible. All the information you need is available anytime, anywhere. No ad-libs, rants, or irrelevant anecdotes. No coordination of schedules with lecturers. Your time is precious. Traditional classroom-type review methods require travel time to get to the venue and adhering to a lecture schedule, which can sometimes change last-minute.

Who is Supreme Reviewer for?

The bar exam review course was created for Bar Exam Reviewees who don't like wasting time. Supreme Reviewer helps you review at your own time.

What is the format of the Bar Exam Review Course?

The course is an online-classroom with video/audio lectures that comprehensively follow the Supreme Court Syllabus. Additionally, there are: Supreme Reviewer Notes, Pre-Week Notes, Last Minute Tips.

Who are the lecturers?

The lecturer for the Supreme Reviewer online bar review course is Atty. Pinky Veloso.

Is the course updated?

The course is being updated to conform to the released Supreme Court Bar Exam Syllabi.

What are included in the course?

The Supreme Reviewer Online Bar Review Course includes:

  • Video Lectures - organized according to the Supreme Court Syllabi.
  • SR Notes - the output of our legal researchers who are lawyers. It is likewise based on the Supreme Court-issued Bar Exams Syllabi.
  • Pre-Week Notes - cover topics that Supreme Reviewer deems important to emphasize, released during the Bar Exam month.
  • Last Minute Tips (LMT) - include topics that might be asked during the bar exams, taking into account the frequently asked questions as well as new topics that might be included; released the day before the bar exam (e.g. LMT for Political Law is released the day before the day when Political Law is tested).


How can I access the course?

Supreme Reviewer can be accessed on web or mobile, anytime so long as you have Internet connection.

Can I access the course through my laptop or Android device?

The course is accessible through laptops and Android devices with Internet connection. Offline viewing is only available for iPhone and iPad.

Can I download the lectures for offline viewing?

For iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), we have an App that allows you to download the lectures for offline viewing.

How can I download the App?

You can download the App on your iPhone or iPad by clicking this link.

How do I download the lectures in the App?

You can download per section by clicking "All" or you can select the individual videos or files to download.


When can I access the course?

Upon enrollment, you will have instant access to the course.

When will the course be complete?

Incomplete subjects will be available/updated based on a modified schedule in relation to the suspension of the 2020 Philippine Bar Exam.


Do you have mock bar exams?

For now, we do not offer mock bar exams.

Do you have coaching?

Coaching is not included in the course but you can email any query to [email protected]


How will I stay motivated?

Preparing for the bar is NOT easy, but we’ll help you stay motivated with our Progress Bar. Track your progress to stay motivated. Compare your Progress Bar with your study-buddies for some friendly competition or just compete with yourself.


How much is the Supreme Reviewer course?

The regular price for the comprehensive Supreme Reviewer online course is P20,000.00.

Do you have discounts?

We have the following standard discounts:

  • 15 % discount - Retakers
  • 15 % discount - Top 5
  • 15 % discount - Re-enrollees

Please check our website and/or message our Facebook Page to inquire about current promos.


How do I enroll in Supreme Reviewer?

You can enroll by paying through the following methods:

  1. Bank Deposit or Bank Transfer - BDO, BPI, PNB, Land Bank, China Bank, Security Bank
  2. GCash
  3. PayPal
  4. Credit Card or Debit Card - Click any of the “Enroll” buttons in the homepage of

Simply let us know your preferred payment method and we will send you the required details right away.


How long will I have access to Supreme Reviewer?

Students enrolled in Supreme Reviewer will have access until the Bar Exam ends. For 2020, access is until the end of the 2020 Philippine Bar Exam. (Note: Access is extended until the end of the 2021 Philippine Bar Exam)

For new enrollees (2021), access is extended until the end of the 2021 Philippine Bar Exam.


Do you have a sample lecture?

Here is a sample lecture from the Labor Law module on the topic Twin-Notice Requirement (Procedural Due Process):

Here is a sample lecture from the Remedial Law subject on the topic Motion for Reconsideration and Motion for New Trial:

How does Supreme Reviewer work?

Here's a link to a Quick Video Guide of how Supreme Reviewer Bar Review Course works:

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